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The Naroda Nagarik Co-op Bank Ltd.

In the year 1969 a few leading personalities of Naroda Town thought that in order to augment the Deposits from the individuals and small businessmen of the town and in turn to utilize the same towards the upliftment of the common men and small borrowers by way of granting need base credit with the intention to improve their standard of living, we should start a co operative Bank at Naroda. The other local people of Naroda also felt that in order to have substantial return on their deposits and further to financially help the needy persons, small borrowers and S.S.I units, we should have our own co operative Bank in the Town. The said idea was subsequently materialized in the year 1970 and the Naroda Nagrik Cooperative Bank ltd was established in the same year. The local people and businessmen became the share holders of the bank and gave full support. The premises were acquired on the rental basis and the Bank started functioning since Jan 1970. The well known personalities of Naroda Shri Mohanbhai Shankarbhai Patel was selected the first Chairman of the Bank and Shri Prahladbhai Kashidas Patel was selected as Managing Director. Since then the Bank made considerable progress and at present the bank is considered as one of the leading cooperative bank of Ahmedabad.The founder Chairman & Managing Director gave their honorary services and worked very hard for the Banks development.